DAMON system

DAMON system is a modern orthodontic device that the patients wear a lot shorter than a classic system (it is faster by a third), with which the teeth most often rearrange without the unnecessary extractions.

Also, the treatment is much less unpleasant (the forces are milder) and control visits are less frequent – only 3-4 times per year, making this solution additionally convenient for patients not residing in Belgrade or even Serbia.

This technologically advanced, innovative solution does for you much more than just straightening your teeth. DAMON is a fixed device that directs your teeth much faster to the desired positions, while your mouth and the entire face come to appear younger and fairer, while you become more self-confident.

Aesthetically, it is more efficient because it is more discreet. DAMON Clear is also available as a special type of denture that features transparent locks and is almost invisible.

The results of this comfortable and painless method are considerably better than with previous generation prosthetics. Applicable in all ages, DAMON system is a superior solution – in terms of technology, health and aesthetics.

For better teeth, a more attractive face and more confidence, visit us and ask for the DAMON system.