Deep scaling and root planing 2.500 RSD
Whitening per jaw 8.400 RSD
Whitening per tooth 1.200 RSD

Teeth repair

Anesthesia 300 RSD
White fillings (composite) from 2.000 to 4.000 RSD
Root canal treatment from 3.600 to 6.500 RSD


Fiberglass bridge 6.000 RSD
Temporary crown 1.200 RSD
Metal-ceramic crown 12.000 RSD
Ceramic fillings (Inlay Onlay) – 21.600 RSD 21.600 RSD
Complete denture 33.600 RSD
Partial flexible denture -Valplast 36.000 RSD

Pediatrics dentistry

Removal of soft deposits (children) 600 RSD
Removal of solid deposits (children) 600 RSD
Dental sealants 1.200 RSD
Filling on a baby tooth (composite fill) 2.000 RSD
Topical Fluoridation of teeth per jaw 1.000 RSD


Tooth extraction 3.600 RSD
Complex tooth extraction 6.000 RSD


Sports mouth guard 6.000 RSD
Night guard 6.000 RSD

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